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Entertain yourself and have much fun with LED costumes,this are unique and classic clothes that come with different styles of colors and full of lighting that can create new portraits and turns you into another person or character,this amazing customers are normally used by artists like singersdances,movie producers among other artist.

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LED robot clothing is also incredibly useful for special events such as parties or carnivals hosted by a company. If there is large crowd and a need to distinguish the staff from the rest of the group, then these shirts can do the job incredibly easily. While most events will rely on brightly colored clothingthese flashing shirts do an even better job at attracting attention and making it clear who is working at the event and who is simply a guest.

Another large group of people who could enjoy LED shirts and other items of clothing include people attending parties or special celebrations. If, for example, you like going to clubs or bars, a flashing t shirt could be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It can be a great tool for standing out from the crowd and attracting the opposite sex. These shirts are also great for special celebrations such as bachelorette or birthday parties. You can either get one for the guest of honor or one for every member of the group. When you choose to buy light up shirts for special celebrations, you are not only getting an amazing shirt, but a great keepsake as well that will give you something to remember the night by.


Product Description:

Materials: top quality of leathers, antioxidant LED strips

RGB 7 colors, flicker one by one, or colors brightness and changing can be speed up or slow down

Control: RF remote control


Built-in lithium battery, rechargeable

Connection without wires

Work time: 3 hours once charging

Includes: helmet, body suits, long pants, laser gloves, RF wireless remote

Package weight: about 15 kg

Package size: 50 * 40* 30 cm


Customized size is also acceptable.

There is a standard size but if you need customization, please send a message to provide your measurements. The parameters will be used to produce your costume. Refer to the following instructions for measurements:

Height —- cm;

Weight —- kg;

Bust (cm): measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest;

Important: Please read description carefully and see pictures, because that is what will be included in your costume. Ask all questions before buying. Please do not assume an item is included with your lot if it is not listed in description or shown in pictures.



Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 cm


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